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Polyurethane: Concrete Lifting, Stabilization and Void Filling

High Density Polyurethane Injection is used for concrete lifting, stabilization and void filling applications. Lifting concrete with foam offers the same results of traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics.


Cost-effective compared to concrete replacement, this high density polyurethane foam has quick cure time, is hydrophobic, moisture barrier, lightweight and provides 5/8” injection holes. With a material for any application, we are leading the concrete raising industry with this revolutionary new polyurethane application.

High Density Polyurethane concrete lifting and stabilization avoid costly tear out and replacement. This allows business to run smoothly around the Polyurethane project avoiding down time.

Cost Effective

Quick Cure Time

Polyurethane typically cures 15 minutes after injection allowing areas to be fully available in minutes not days.


Specially designed High Density Polyurethane can be used in under water or wet applications and have the same chemical reaction.

Moisture Barrier

Because of high density polyurethane characteristics, this foam-like material is resistant to water penetration.


Weighing only 2-4 pounds per cubic foot, high density polyurethane is comparably 2,500-3,000 pounds LESS per yard then traditional mudjacking material. Both methods are ideal solutions for concrete raising and stabilizing solutions, but because of lightweight characteristics, high density polyurethane will not overburden soil.

5/8" injection holes

Polyurethane injection ports leave small injection holes allow for less visible patching. Nearly invisible they can be covered up with a dime.

Polyurethane Foam Characteristics

High Density Polyurethane can spread into voids as small as 1/32”. The Polyurethane foam will expand and flow into cracks and voids expanding far beyond the initial injection hole.

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